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SMART STRAP, the new revolutionary system developed and patented by Suomy to increase the helmet safety. The solution changes the vision of the game by modifying the paradigms behind the safety devices of the helmet.

The dynamic of the impact




Rototranslational forces that act on the helmet as a result of a shock or an impact are transmitted to the fixing system of the helmet (the retention chinstrap). Those forces, in order to avoid possible damages to the brain or neck due to the acceleration or deceleration , must be reduced by slowing down the rotation of the helmet on the head. The rotation is prevented by the retention chinstrap of the helmet itself (a helmet not equipped with a chinstrap would rotate freely).

During an impact the helmet, thanks to the low friction coefficient with the head - determined both by the presence of the inner comfort padding and by the natural movement of the skin, accentuated by the presence of the hair - is free to rotate till a certain limit, beyond which, to the persistence of force, the chinstrap reacts.

It is just after that process that becomes important to absorb the inertial forces to which the user's head is subjected, and it is just in that situation that SMART STRAP works by modifying its shape and acts as a shock absorber.




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The idea was to integrate the chinstrap with some elastic energy absorbing elements.

These elements are positioned directly on the tape of the strap with the only purpose of deforming and absorb the energy that otherwise would be transmitted to the user's head.

To fulfill the purpose, some special devices have been designed to allow a controlled elongation, opposing a mechanical resistance to the lengthening of the chinstrap.

At the end of the pre-defined shock-absorbing function, the elements tend to make the strap assume its original configuration, to avoid the exceeding of the elongation threshold allowed by the international approval standards (roll-off test). The chinstrap slips across the absorption device making a wavelike course.


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In case a traction force that tends to lengthen the strap stresses the system, it will tend to take on a linear shape deforming the device itself.

The deformation of the shock absorber device allows absorbing part of the energy necessary to stretch the chinstrap.

Fig 7




Fig 3
Fig 4



The devices described here above are inserted in 4 positions

The positioning of the shock absorber devices in these 4 positions (2 on each side) allows, in the event of a shock, to absorb part of the energy, reducing not only the stress on the user's neck but also the force made on the chin by the chinstrap. This also reduces the possibility of strangulati


This patented system is characterized by the extreme simplicity both of realization and of mounting on the protective helmet.

Its advantages are:

  • Partial absorption of energy due to an oblique impact thanks to the action of the elastic elements.
  • Possibility to dose the absorbed energy thanks to the use of materials with variable degree of hardness.
  • Possibility of controlling the lengthening of the strap thanks to the ergonomic design of the elastic absorber and its dimensions.
  • Simple and easy assembly (it is not possible to make mistake while assembling).
  • Almost no impact on the weight of the helmet.