SMART STRAP, the new revolutionary system developed and patented by Suomy to increase the helmet safety. The solution changes the vision of the game by modifying the paradigms behind the safety devices of the helmet. The dynamic of the impact       Rototranslational forces that act on the helmet as a result of a shock or an impact are transmitted to the fixing system of the helmet (the retention chinstrap). Those forces, in order to avoid possible damages to the brain or neck due to the acceleration or deceleration , must be reduced by slowing down the rotation of the helmet on the head. The rotation is prevented by the retention chinstrap of the helmet itself (a helmet not equipped with a chinstrap would rotate freely). During an impact the helmet, thanks to the low friction coefficient with…

    About Us

    The birth of Suomy is definitely a typical story of the Italian family.Having worked for a long time in Yamaha, Umberto Monti, founder of Suomy, decides to commit in a different way. The helmet is his passion and becomes first distributor for Europe of Bell helmets and then for the Japanese DIC helmets. However, the true feeling that passionate him is the Made in Italy. He involves the two brothers, Valter, the motocross rider, and Maurizio, nuclear engineer and the three together share their tasks and create Suomy, a completely Italian brand, but that sounds Japanese. From the very beginning, with its fluorescent red ''dot '', becomes unmistakable and unique on the heads of the riders.A winning choice, a nice brand, aggressive and racy, combined to a spasmodic search for the quality.

      Research & Development

      Research and development ... a philosophy of life that brings to search for the new. With this mood Suomy achieves prestigious patents in the world of helmets, the latest just on a cycle helmet. When your job is moved by passion, and this is the case of Suomy teamwork, innovation is sure. A spasmodic search for the peculiarity, the performance in the wind tunnel, where even the matt paints, which offer less grip with air, become a subject of discussions and lead, step by step , to perfection. Our technicians always want something more. Research and development: SUOMY OBSESSION.

        The Story of Brand

        The story is full of events and people that have marked our present and the way to the future. No matter how long they have dominated but just the intensity and the way they did it. The history of Suomy, a little bit more than twenty years, is part of the phenomena that has marked a turning point in the history of the helmet, the racing and the design. Now the story goes on with the cycle helmets. Products, techniques and colors that will make the '' story '', the story of the future.