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Wo we are

Who we are

The birth of Suomy is certainly a typically Italian and family story.

Having worked for a long time in Yamaha, Umberto Monti, founder of Suomy, decides to commit in a different way. The helmet is his passion and becomes first distributor for Europe of Bell helmets and then for the Japanese DIC helmets. However, the true feeling that passionate him is the Made in Italy.

He involves the two brothers, Valter, the motocross rider, and Maurizio, nuclear engineer and the three together share their tasks and create Suomy, a completely Italian brand, but that sounds Japanese.

From the very beginning, with its fluorescent red ''dot '', becomes unmistakable and unique on the heads of the riders.A winning choice, a nice brand, aggressive and racy, combined to a spasmodic search for the quality.

A success story

A successful story

In a few years Suomy established itself all over the world as a quality product, conquering important goals, but over the years the brand overflows and is no longer able to remain tight in the world of engines.

Suomy sells the motor part of the brand in order to focus on protective and ecological products. The first challenge is in cycling where the 3 brothers find themselves creating something new. Suomy DNA, made in Italy and great quality.

On the one hand, the riders rely on Suomy for safety and comfort and for all those technical solutions aimed at racing that only Valter and Maurizio have been able to find and develop, on the other Umberto imposes a decidedly transgressive and innovative look for the first time.

It is precisely the continuous search for beauty that has led Suomy to enrich its production with riding helmets. Products, techniques and colors that will make "history" and that are faithful to the reason for which Suomy was born, or "BORN TO BE # 1".

The history of the brand

The history is full of events and characters that have marked our present and drawn the lines for the future. It doesn't matter how long they dominated but the intensity and ardor of how they did it. The history of Suomy, just over twenty years old, is part of those phenomena that have marked a turning point in the history of the helmet, racing and design. And now the story continues with cycling helmets. Products, techniques and colors that will make “history”. is the story of the future.

  • 2022 - Story of brand
    2022 Read

    It was definitely the most successful year for Suomy, both from a competitive and commercial point of view.

    The participation in the Giro d'Italia E-bike with the only female Team and exceptional testimonials gave great visibility to our helmets, worn also by many celebrities.

    We closed a great collaboration with the world champion Fondriest who became our master contact reference for the development of the racing helmets.

    Moreover, the launch of two new products TIMELESS 4.0 and SCRAMBLER 4.0 have given the range a breath of newness and colours, and colours have always been the power of Suomy.

  • 2021 - Story of brand
    2021 Read

    We are almost out of the pandemic lock down and the Team work of Suomy starts again his creativeness as its best and full of enthusiasm.

    The long-term projects closed in the drawer have been completed.

    The Extreme, a performing and technological helmet developed for Down-Hill, has finally taken shape and is now available on the market.

    Sport continues to be the focus of Suomy and great success comes from Cyclocross.

    A difficult year that, however, has consolidated the brand, placing Suomy on the top-level sport activities thanks to the racing characteristics of our products.

  • 2020 - Story of brand
    2020 Read

    This is the year of Covid-19, but also the year of the great global boom in the industry of cycling.Great need for simpler products, less expensive, and suitable for a customer who looks out for the first time to cycling with great desire for freedom in safety.

    Suomy takes up the challenge and creates two new models that are very performing but suitable for a less demanding public.

    VORTEX, for road riders, a very well ventilated helmet with a small and integrated peak easy to install when needed, and FREE, a helmet reserved for off-road vehicles. Due to their price point, these two products conquer all the markets, European, American and South American, bringing our brand on the heads of many users.

    However, the technical office, not satisfied with these results, wants something more, great and high performing in terms of safety.

    This is the SMART-STRAP system. New, innovative, a safety device that brings Suomy to a level of performance above the average on the helmets’ market. The commitment in sport and on social media continue incessantly and during the stop due to Covid several training sessions are posted on Instagram by our athletes for our friends.

  • 2019 - Story of brand
    2019 Read

    The product, always first focus of the Suomy teamwork, is strongly developed this year, and the search for quality brings to the creation of two super-technical helmets.

    First one, GLIDER, which becomes the top of the Suomy range.It is an Aero-racing helmet, designed and manufactured in the wind tunnel, which immediately becomes the first choice of professional teams.

    The second, E-Cube, is designed and built for e-bikes and has the most performing homologation reserved for this kind of products. A success for both of the helmets.

    The collaboration with Cofidis continues, and for the first time we win a stage in the Tour de France and we are protagonists in the Vuelta. Great success both commercially and in racing that consolidate the Suomy brand in the world.

  • 2018 - Story of brand
    2018 Read

    The continuous research for performing products brought us to develop two prestigious helmets, VISION which is at the top of the range, having as standard an integrated visor positioned on the helmet with magnets.

    Vision guadagna immediatamente il vertice delle vendite, seguito dal nuovo casco crono GT-RS, un crono compatto ed in linea con le tendenze attuali. Un immediato successo.

    Vision immediately gains the top of sales, followed by the new GT-RS the chrono helmet, compact and in line with current trends. An immediate success.

    Many smaller teams confirmed their preference for Suomy, and on top the prestigious French team COFIDIS choses Suomy and brings our products to be protagonists in the Tour de France and to the red jersey at the Vuelta. A great year for remarkable success in both racing and trading.

  • 2017 - Story of brand
    2017 Read

    The 2017 was the year of transition. Great participation to the biggest trade shows worldwide and creation of advertising and information material for all our customers.

    We started entering the South American and Asian markets with great success and this, for Suomy, represented the first step to globalization.

    The continuous commitment in competitions pushed us to invest with success in South American athletes and we developed a great communication through social media, especially Instagram, managed in a very professional way, to create the great Suomy cycling community.

  • 2016 - Story of brand
    2016 Read

    We enter the second year riding powerfully. The goal: to complete the range! A new helmet is born, called SFERA and the success is instantaneous, a new idea for a cycle helmet, apparently closed but with a powerful ventilation. It is immediately appreciated by the dealer first, and by the consumers then. It is an easy helmet, versatile and enjoyable.

    A new proposal on the market that meets the favor of everybody. To follow here is TIMELESS, a timeless helmet as the word itself, suitable for everyone that even with the classic standards has in its DNA all the sportiness and aggressiveness of Suomy.

    The range is now complete. In terms of sponsoring, besides the Lampre Merida Team, there is the MASSI Kuwait Cycling Project Team and the female Servetto-Footon-Alurecycling Team , and also in such a case, great development.

    Moreover, many smaller teams choose Suomy quality. The year is not over yet, and ... something bubbles in the pot.

  • 2015 - Story of brand
    2015 Read

    It will be remembered as the '' milestone '' year of Suomy in the cycle world. The first helmet is produced; it is not accident the fact that the name is Gun Wind. The company starts to establish itself on the different markets worldwide. Takes part for the first time to Eurobike Show in Germany with success. The only lack is a range of products that is not complete yet, but 4 brand new helmets in a short time is a very good success for the team-work of Suomy, to whom we could not ask for more. One helmet for every single category: the Gun Wind for road racing, the Scrambler for MTB and Enduro, the GT-R for crono, and the fantastic Jumper for the extreme down-hill. A range that will find great development in the future.
Simultaneously, the Lampre Merida Team brings Suomy helmets immediately to victory, winning four stages at the Tour of Italy, one in the Tour de France and one in the Vuelta. 24 victories and great satisfaction demonstrated by the Team for using a product that they judge on the top.

  • 2014 - Story of brand
    2014 Read

    The Suomy brand appears in all the sports and its presence worldwide is constant. Meanwhile all the technical staff is working on four models of cycle helmets in order to enter the market with a full range. The Down Hill helmet should have been the most synergic project for the teamwork of Suomy, used to develop motocross helmets. However, the challenge is collected and just with this product, they want to prove the value of the technical team. Meanwhile the top management has worked to obtain the cooperation of one of the best team in world tour.

  • 2013 - Story of brand
    2013 Read

    A great opportunity! Suomy Spa partially sells the brand to a private Investment Fund, but keeps it for eco-friendly sports such as cycling, skiing and horseback. All the technical staff takes part to this new challenge, with great capacity and knowledge. The first goal is cycling, where they want to bring all their know-how acquired over the years. In October, they will decide to start working on this project that will commit all the technical staff throughout 2014.

  • 2012 - Story of brand
    2012 Read

    Max Biaggi is once again the SBK World Champion. The teamwork of Suomy needs new motivations, the racing market collapses, people who are part of the management staff in Suomy fail to be stimulated in designing products for scooters or naked bikes. Competition runs through their veins. The desire to win monopolizes all the meetings and we start thinking of a future in other directions. Everybody needs new challenges and new goals to achieve.

  • 2011 - Story of brand
    2011 Read

    In 2011 we are the winner in Speedway. A spectacular and hard discipline. The economic crisis in Europe begins and the motorcycle industry is particularly affected. Sales in sport motorcycle fall down. Scooters monopolizes the two-wheel market, while cycling becomes every day the most practiced and loved sport. The brand continues its way to diversification. Another World title in SBK is almost touched.

  • 2010 - Story of brand
    2010 Read

    The most important testimonial for Suomy, Max Biaggi, wins the SBK World Championship. Max, by being loved and hated, has contributed to the creation of the Suomy brand. His being particularly demanding has stimulated the engineers to do better and better and the designers to develop more and more advanced graphics. A collaboration that we can certainly define a kind of marriage that keeps on going also nowadays even if the rider from Rome has stopped racing.

  • 2009 - Story of brand
    2009 Read

    Cappellini wins the tenth F1 Offshore World Championship, and Suomy makes alternative products, such as jet helmets for scooters, but always of high level. Clothing continues to grow and conquers new markets. US market continue to be the best one for Suomy. The madness of the graphics, their color combinations, the great comfort and safety make this product suitable for the most demanding American people. Suomy conquers California.

  • 2008 - Story of brand
    2008 Read

    Bayliss is the World Champion. The supremacy of Suomy in Superbike World Championship and the continuing victories of Ducati riders reinforce the Italian brand that continues its run in several areas. Delirium and international success. A kind of Suomy Fan Club is born. The number of friends become bigger and bigger and people start thinking that motorcycle helmets are only one of the products by Suomy. The market changes and the slow, inexorable decline of motorcycle racing begins.

  • 2007 - Story of brand
    2007 Read

    Toseland is the World SBK Champion; Biaggi, Capirossi and many other racers constantly conquer podiums in MotoGP. This is the Rossi age and the only lack for Suomy is not to have won yet the world championship in the top class. On the contrary, the brand continues to be successful in all the areas, and decides to make a Limited Edition Car with Seat, a car branded Suomy. Here is the final confirmation of the marketing huge job made by Suomy.

  • 2006 - Story of brand
    2006 Read

    Bayliss is once again the World SBK Champion, Gillman is the one in F1 World Champion Offshore; Voss, by a licensee, wins the first World Champion in cycling . Then the casual clothing for children, watches, perfumes and many other products. Here is the Suomy Planet. Featuring a sporting and extreme DNA, everything moves around the '' red dot ''. This is the time of great success and the brand acquires a great reputation.

  • 2005 - Story of brand
    2005 Read

    Another world title in Offshore with Revolver. Great attendance at Pitti Uomo fashion Show in Florence. Only few brands are admitted to this prestigious exhibition. Side by side with the most prestigious fashion brands that have made the “Made in Italy” big in the world, Suomy is recognized as a global brand. There are no more barriers to the motorcycle world. We receive many requests for the use of the Suomy trademark in different areas, and the process of brand extension begins.

  • 2004 - Story of brand
    2004 Read

    Another victory in World SBK with Toseland. We start to think about how to meet the demands of Suomy fans; we say “Suomy fans” and not individual riders. The demand for clothing, hats, team pants and whatever is so big that requires to be different. The project Suomy casual begins. Many resources are put into this project and the goal is to create a line of clothing '' for leisure’’. The brand is not only just for motorbikes.

  • 2003 - Story of brand
    2003 Read

    Neil Hodgson wins the Superbike World Championship, Manuel Poggiali wins the world 250 Championship. Vicory has become a habit for Suomy and this brings the brand to become more and more demanding, both in terms of product and image. But the 2003 year is an important one: Suomy starts producing and commercialize technical apparel with excellent results in super racing, such as leather suits and leather technical jackets. The brand is a racing brand. Meanwhile another phenomenon is changing the history of Suomy: audience is asking for the team clothing: sweaters, shirts, jackets all Suomy branded.

  • 2002 - Story of brand
    2002 Read

    No Championship victories this year, except Sabatino in the Jet Ski, but much success. The graphics on the helmets are exasperated and Max Biaggi brings Suomy on the podium of MotoGP. Loris Capirossi and MaxBiaggi remain loyal to the brand for their whole racing life. It is a special moment for Suomy; the helmets are called by the public 'Suomy style' 'and identify a lifestyle. Freedom and colors are the ingredients of the new way to experience the passion for the two wheels.

  • 2001 - Story of brand
    2001 Read

    This is the “magical “year in racing. Suomy monopolizes the weekend of racing in Superbike World Championship, wins the SBK World Championship with Bayliss and both the World Supersport and Sidecar respectively with Pitt and the duo klaffen and Parzer, and the offshore Championship. A year of incredible success that brings Suomy overseas and put Suomy among the most well-known and appreciated brands in the world. This is also the year when the two most crazy and colorful racers, Bostrom and Russell, impose their graphics in the world.

  • 2000 - Story of brand
    2000 Read

    Further the several successes in motorsport, Suomy opens to the global world and wins the Olympic games with the gold medal of Rota in fencing. It is an important step in the history of Suomy, the desire to expand in other areas. The curiosity of the teamwork looks to the future: on one side the engineers continue to work on the quality of the products to satisfy the growing number of racers, on the other hand they experience different ways of communications. Suomy helmets will be the first company to give, with every helmet, a free DVD with detailed technical explanations, warnings, suggestions and racing movies. Ten years earlier!

  • 1999 - Story of brand
    1999 Read

    The first win comes with Bartolini, winner of the 500 motocross World Championship. In SBK the presence is stronger and stronger with another racer, Aaron Slight. SBK, during those years, is very famous and is able to obscures the motoGP Championship. Suomy starts painting his helmets with glitters and begins selling helmets which have nothing to envy to the airbrushed ones. A new fashion this one invented by Suomy, which gives the product helmet its soul. The time of helmet fashion begins.

  • 1998 - Story of brand
    1998 Read

    Races on tracks are used by the Suomy teamwork to create and improve their products day by day. In '98 Suomy enters the SBK championship with Troy Corser. The entry into SBK Championship represents a milestone in the history of Suomy. Being the undisputed ruler of this category for many years, Suomy grows all over the world, but above all in the United States. It is in SBK that the unwritten collaboration with Ducati starts and still goes on nowadays. Two Made in Italy brands whose password is “passion”.

  • 1997 - Story of brand
    1997 Read

    The first helmets produced by the Italian Company are those dedicated to Motocross, and they are immediately over the head of famous riders. Suomy takes part to the first World Championship in Motocross with two big testimonials: Bartolini and Tallon Voland. Immediately on the graphics of the helmet worn by Tallon Voland, the ‘‘bullet’’, people feel the desire of the Suomy Team to make the helmet not only a safety device but also a fashion object. Easy to understand the reason why the famous slogan “Passion is Life” will become the lite-motive of Suomy for life and, at the same time, the soul of the brand.

Research & Development

Research & Development

A philosophy of life that brings to search for the new. With this mood Suomy achieves prestigious patents in the world of helmets, the latest just on a cycle helmet.

When your job is moved by passion, and this is the case of Suomy teamwork, innovation is sure. A spasmodic search for the peculiarity, the performance in the wind tunnel, where even the matt paints, which offer less grip with air, become a subject of discussions and lead, step by step , to perfection.

Our technicians always want something more. Research and development: SUOMY OBSESSION.