WITH ELENA NOVIKOVA SUOMY WINS 11 WORLD RECORDS Thursday, 28 September 2017 13:45

Certainly a great success the one achieved by the beautiful Suomy rider from Ukraine, Elena Novikova.
Eleven (11) world records, literally pulverized by this girl on September 16th and 17th , on the Montichiari Cycle Track , listed here below just to know:

100 Km in 2h37'35 '',

200Km in 5h23'30 '',

300 Km in 8h18'13 '',

100 miles in 4h18'00 '',

200 miles in 8h55'13 '',

300 miles in 13h57'23 '',

500 miles in 24h46'26 '',

in 6 hours she rode 222.025 km,

in 12 hours she rode 421.347 km,

and in 24 hours 781.638 km.

A goal that rewards the talent of Elena, diamond tip of the Servetto-Giusta-AluRecycing team, and the teamwork of SUOMY that equipped Elena with a performing aerodynamic GT-R helmet which greatly contributed to the success of the event along the 24 hours .