The Story of Brand

The story is full of events and people that have marked our present and the way to the future.

No matter how long they have dominated but just the intensity and the way they did it.

The history of Suomy, a little bit more than twenty years, is part of the phenomena that has marked a turning point in the history of the helmet, the racing and the design.

Now the story goes on with the cycle helmets. Products, techniques and colors that will make the '' story '', the story of the future.


Suomy 1997
The first helmets produced by the Italian Company are those dedicated to Motocross, and they are immediately over the head of famous riders. Suomy takes part to the first World Championship in Motocross with two big testimonials: Bartolini and Tallon Voland. Immediately on the graphics of the helmet worn by Tallon Voland, the ‘‘bullet’’, people feel the desire of the Suomy Team to make the helmet not only a safety device but also a fashion object. Easy to understand the reason why the famous slogan “Passion is Life” will become the lite-motive of Suomy for life and, at the same time, the soul of the brand.